7th Edition of

International Nutrition Research Conference

March 27-28, 2025 | Singapore


Magnus Group has built upon the astounding success and positive feedback from our previous conference, and we warmly welcome you to take part in the Online Event “7th Edition of International Nutrition Research Conference” (NUTRI 2025) which will be taking place during the dates March 27-28, 2025 at Singapore.

This Hybrid mode allows you to participate as in-person in Singapore or Virtual from your home or work.

The conference will be organized under the theme “From Evolution to Revolution: A Holistic Perspective on Nutrition's Frontier Novelties.”

As we step into 2025, a growing number of people are expected to actively seek out food with a purpose, a compelling narrative, and benefits for both society and health. To address these evolving trends and meet consumer demands, it is crucial for food and beverage manufacturers and marketers to continually adapt. The observed modifications signal a positive direction, and this conference aims to delve into issues that truly matter.

The conference serves as a platform for the food and beverage industry, researchers, healthcare professionals, food technologists, nutrition experts, scientists, and scholars to leverage our global stage. This provides an opportunity to assist consumers in navigating their changing needs by presenting research findings, exploring the latest trends, showcasing breakthroughs, and highlighting innovations in the field of nutrition.

We envisage that many Food and Nutrition industry experts will attend this exemplary conference and take note of this important educational convention to promote the position of experimentation and progress being made. Nutri 2025 will also reveal the path to a plethora of fruitful professional opportunities capable of propelling one's career to new heights.

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