7th Edition of

International Nutrition Research Conference

March 27-28, 2025 | Singapore

Nutri 2023

Sena Ardicli

Sena Ardicli, Speaker at Nutrition Conferences
Sena Ardicli
Bursa Uludag University, Turkey


Sena Ardicli is an Associate Professor at the Bursa Uludag University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Genetics in Turkey. He received his first PhD degree in 2015 at the same institution. Dr. Ardicli started his second PhD at the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Department of Biology in 2018. His areas of expertise are molecular biology and genetics, population genetics, genomic selection, meat science, and animal biotechnology. Dr. Ardicli has more than 120 publications related to his subject and has received many awards in different symposiums and congresses.